Black Pearl Steam Unit 9 KW CAPACITY Up To 240 Cubic Ft


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Steam Bathing and aroma steam therapy has been used for thousands of years by the Norwegians, Nave North American Indians, Swedes, and many others. Ev...


Features & Other technical details on Steam Generators:






Microprocessor-based Technology

The circuit is based on this marvel of


technology with Digital Display.



Self-Diagnosc Feature

The Error while operang the machine is displayed


on window & can be easily corrected by user.



Steam Direcon controller

It enables to change the direcon of steam to suit


your own comfort.



Aroma Head

Unique feature that gives you the pleasure of


choosing your own aroma. Aromatherapy is found


immensely useful for curing various disorders.

Chorded Remote Control

The unit is fixed outside the steam room at any


convenient locaon.



100% Safety

The unit is pressure barred. The steam is never


blocked. Addi onal safety valve is also incorporated.



Power Saving Mode

Enables one to save the electricity bills. For example


BPC 600 may be operated on 2 KW / 4 KW / 6 KW.

Auto Shut-O

The machine automacally shuts o  aer maximum


three hours of run. Hence risk is minimized if one


forgets to o  the saunas aer use.

Duraon Set

It shuts down the machine aer the set duraon. No


need to remember to put it o . A big savings on


electricity expanses.

Time/Temp. Display Op on

The feature gives one opvon to see the  me or temp


inside the steam room as per one's own choice.

Light on/o

One may switch on/o  the lights of steam room with


the switch provided on the digital display panel.



Instant Steam

The steam room is ready for use in less than 5


minutes depending on ambience temp.



Herbal Steam

At an addional cost one may have the curing


pleasure of herbal steam.



Outer Body

Built with high-grade M.S. 18SWG, (powder coated).



Water Tank

Made of high-grade Stainless Steel 16SWG.



Note: Change in color design or any other changes are the subject of OEM

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